Why Choose RGV Wood Concepts?

RGV Wood Concepts is a company that operates in Mission, Texas, a city that is part of the growing economic powerhouse known as the Rio Grande Valley. We specialize in manufacturing, assembling, and installing quality commercial cabinets, and we have exclusive access to quality American and European cabinet finishes that not only create eye-catching cabinetry but are industry-specific.

How We Help Bring Your Next Cabinet Project to Life?

Our commercial cabinet builders have years of experience under their belt in crafting unique, world-class business cabinetry that leaves a lasting impression on both business owners and their customers.


During the build process, we stay in close contact with our clients to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations. With top-of-the-line panel-cutting optimization technology and our exclusive access to quality cabinet materials, we can create cabinetry for your hotel’s kitchenettes or commercial kitchen, kitchen cabinets for your residential rental properties, and cabinets for your hospital or clinic in record time and at an affordable price.

Our McAllen Cabinet Builders Work Hard to Earn Your Trust

At RGV Wood Concepts, our commitment to providing your business with quality cabinetry is only surpassed by our dedication to providing you with first-class customer service. No matter if you are a first-time business owner or a seasoned expert, we want to make sure that your business runs as organized as possible.

Who We Serve?

For years, RGV Wood Concepts has had the pleasure of building commercial cabinets for many new and longtime business owners including rental property owners, hotel managers, doctors, restaurant owners, and many other types of businesses. We take pride in helping each one build efficient, spacious, and beautiful commercial cabinetry that fulfills their business’ needs.

What Distinguishes Us From Other Cabinet Makers in the Rio Grande Valley?

With our experience, dedication to excellent customer service, and access to resources, we work hard to ensure that the quality of the final product meets your quality standards and is designed, crafted, and delivered in a timely manner. But don’t take our word for it; our commercial cabinets speak for themselves. Visit our gallery to see why our commercial cabinets are better than the competition.

"We have state-of-the-art technology and materials from world-renowned brands."