All You Need to Know About Operating Room Cabinets

At RGV Wood Concepts, we cater to various clients, creating versatile cabinets for clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley using the best medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Used throughout operating rooms, radiology departments, catheterization labs, Sterile Processing Departments (SPD), and endoscopy departments, our quality medical storage cabinets are available in McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, and beyond!

In this blog, our cabinet makers in Mission explore the characteristics, uses, and other things you need to know about building quality operating room cabinets.


What Kind of Operation Room Storage Does My Hospital Need?

There are two different types of operating room cabinets created depending on the needs of the staff and the room in which they are needed. Specification of the two types of operating tables include:


Stationary storage cabinets

  • Usually large and able to be reconfigured
  • Often customized to meet the storage needs
  • Designed to stay in place in the room for a long time
  • Often made of durable materials like MDF and other types of wood/wood products
  • Usually contain an antimicrobial finish


Mobile storage cabinets

  • Flexible in design
  • Able to be moved from room to room
  • Smaller than stationary operating room cabinets
  • Ideal for medical places that perform multiple procedures
  • Typically made from stainless steel or laminate on wheels
  • Require the ability to adapt to various types of room set-ups


No matter what type they are, any operation room needs sturdy, dependable storage cabinets to house their linens, medical devices and supplies, and surgical instruments.


Operating room cabinets are highly customizable and flexible for your medical needs! Reach out to RGV Wood Concepts today to learn more. We would be happy to help build these cabinets to meet your needs. via https://rgvwoodconcepts.com/

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Main Features Any Good Operation Room Storage Cabinet Needs

Different specifications, slope tops, configurable shelving, and nurse documentation centers are present in operating room cabinets:

Specifications – Operating room cabinets may vary from place to place or room to room. Typically they are 18.75” or 24.75” deep, with widths varying based on their use. They can be created for supply, linen, or catheter storage.

Configurable shelving – Operating room cabinets can change based on the operating or medical room needs and equipment required to store safely. The shelves are highly customizable and rearrangeable for any needed uses.

Slope tops – This type of shelving is a slanted piece of material on top of a shelving unit. Some advantages for having slope tops include the ability to prevent dust and dirt buildup on the shelves through sloping airborne particles. They also prevent an excess of equipment or materials from being stored on top of the cabinets.

Nurse documentation centers – These centers may be built in the unit to carry necessary charting materials. They are an optional feature for smaller rooms that lack any space for a free-standing nurse documentation center.


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