Defining Melamine and Its Uses

At RGV Wood Concepts, we provide study, gorgeous cabinets made from the finest materials and components that will test the test of time. One of the materials used to make our high-quality cabinets is melamine wood.


Never heard of melamine wood? No problem! Our McAllen cabinet makers examine what melamine wood is and how it can be used in your next project.


What Is Melamine?

Melamine wood is commonly used engineered wood panels, also known as manufactured wood. Melamine wood is created from organic material combined with resins. This plastic-like sheet is added to a paper base, creating the laminate covering an extensive range of materials. 

Melamine also contains nitrogen to allow for a longer, more durable lifespan. It is typically remolded or shaped to form only once! 

What Is Melamine Used For?

Melamine is a popular choice for many types of construction, cabinetry, and other projects. 

The many uses of melamine include: 


  • Melamine’s aesthetic is flexible and can match any decor.

  • Can be used to help lower-quality materials attain a more attractive finish.

  • May be applied to the outer surfaces of your kitchen to resemble wood grain.

  • Because of its fire-retardant and moisture-resistant features, it works well in other spots throughout your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Can be used to customize office supplies, cabinet wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets.

it can also be used in building and manufacturing the following:


  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Whiteboards

  • Office furniture

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Display counters

  • Soundproofing wall panels

  • And more!



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